Genshin Impact Revenue and Usage Statistics (2020)

Genshin Impact is a free-to-play action-adventure game developed by Chinese publisher miHoYo, taking place in a fictional world called Teywat, full of monsters, dragons, magic, and other elements. Since its release in app stores on September 28, it has attracted a great deal of worldwide attention among gamers, making it the biggest international launch ever in Chinese game market.   

Genshin Impact Release Date (iOS and Android): 28 September 2020

Publisher: miHoYo

Genshin Impact Official Website:

Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows, PS4

Google Play: Store Link

App Store: Store Link

Genshin Impact: 12 Minutes of Gameplay (by IGN)

Genshin Impact Usage Statistics (2020)

  • Before its global launch, 5.3 million people pre registered to the game outside of China. (South China Morning Post)
  • Genshin Impact ranked #2 in grossing mobile games worldwide in its launch week, making it the biggest global launch ever in Chinese game market. (Sensor Tower)
  • In its first four days, Genshin Impact hit 17 million global downloads on Google Play and the App Store. (App Annie)
  • Hours after its launch, Genshin Impact reached more than 110,000 concurrent viewers on Twitch, making it more popular than Fortnite for the day. (South China Morning Post)

Genshin Impact Revenue Statistics (2020)

Genshin Impact has generated around $60 million in player spending on Google Play and the App Store in its first week, above PUBG Mobile. (Sensor Tower)

  • 42% of the game’s player spending revenue of its first week came from China, close to $25 million. (Sensor Tower)
  • The game generated $1.84 million on the App Store in its first four day. (
  • Genshin Impact, known as the “Breath of the Wild” clone, has become “the biggest global launch of a Chinese mobile game ever” and generated over $100 million in its first month alone. (EuroGamer)
  • The App Store accounts for 70% of player spending in Genshin Impact, making up $42 million of revenue globally. Google Play, while, accounts for approximately $17.7 million, or close to 30 percent of spending. (Sensor Tower)
  • In China, Genshin Impact brought $25 million in mobile spending on the App Store, with Google Play not available in the country. (

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