PUBG Mobile Revenue and Usage Statistics (2020)

What is PUBG Mobile?

Launched in February 2018, PUBG Mobile is Tencent’s free-to-play battle royal game that has reached millions of mobile players worldwide since its launch and has become one of the most successful and the largest games in the world. 

The battle royal game is getting prepared for a massive 1.0 update on September 8th.

What is PUBG Mobile Lite?

Built on the original PUBG Mobile gameplay, PUBG Mobile Lite supports 12 languages including English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic, German, and French. In the game, 60 players land on a 2km x 2km island, search for weapons, vehicles, and supplies, and compete for survival in a battlefield to be the last one standing. 

PUBG Mobile Downloads & Usage Stats (2020)

  • In June 2020, PUBG Mobile reached  734 million downloads worldwide where India ranked number 1 by generating 175 million downloads , 24% of the total downloads, followed by China with 16.7%  and the United States with 6.4%. (Sensor Tower)
  • 65% of PUBG Mobile downloads came from Google Play while the App Store represented the remaining 35%. (Sensor Tower)
  • PUBG Mobile, developed by TENCENT, was the most grossing gaming app in the first half. (Mobile Marketing Reads)
  • As of January 2020, the highest kill record in PUBG Mobile is 51. 
  • PMCO Fall Split 2020 by PUBG Mobile broke a record with over 80K registrations, the highest number of registrations in the game industry’s history. (Sportskeeda)
  • PUBG Mobile is getting prepared for a $2 million esports tournament on September 8th. (The Verge)

The Best PUBG Mobile Players



SOUL Mortal

Biu Biu

PUBG Mobile Revenue Statistics (2020)

  • PUBG Mobile doubled its lifetime revenue to over $3 billion worldwide in seven months, 52% from China, 14% from the United States, and 5.6% from Japan. (Sensor Tower
  • In June 2020, PUBG Mobile made 79% of its revenue from the App Store and the remaining 21% from Google Play. (Sensor Tower)
  • In June 2020, PUBG Mobile generated $208.5 million in revenue with the increase of 10.8% year-on-year. (Pocket Gamer)
  • In May 2020, PUBG Mobile drove over $226 million in revenue. (The ESports Observer)
  • PUBG Mobile and its localized versions Game for Peace & Peacekeeper Elite generated a total of $1.3 billion on Google Play & Apple’s App Store. (Mobile Marketing Reads
  • PUBG Mobile saw an increase of 365% in global spending for the first week since the launch of the Royale Pass as compared to the prior 3 weeks. (The ESports Observer)

Written by Sophie Blake

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