Headspace Revenue and Usage Statistics (2021)

Originally founded as an events company in 2010, Headspace has become one of the most popular meditation and mindfulness apps in recent years. With the increasing demand for meditation applications due to coronavirus pandemic, it has increased in popularity and has become one of the most downloaded apps.

In this article, we will include the most up-to-date revenue and usage data of the Headspace app.

Headspace Company Overview

Founders: Andy Puddicombe, Richard Pierson

Founded Date: May, 2010

Headquarter: Santa Monica, California, United States

Number of Employees: 400+

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Headspace Revenue Statistics

  • The Headspace app was ranked #2 in overall revenue among the top grossing health & fitness apps worldwide in April 2020 with more than $5.5 million in gross revenue, up 31.2% year-over-year. 
  • About 43.3% of Headspace revenue of April 2020 was from the United States, followed by Great Britain with 17.7%. 
  • With the latest Series C funding round, Headspace raised a total funding amount of $215.9 million. (Crunchbase
Total Funding Raised
2020$215.9 million
2017$75 million
2015$38 million
2014$4 million
  • As of September 2020, Headspace was among the leading health and fitness apps in the Google Play Store worldwide in terms of revenue by generating a revenue of $661,976.
Statistic: Leading health and fitness apps in the Google Play Store worldwide in September 2020, by revenue (in U.S. dollars) | Statista

Headspace Usage Statistics

  • In February 2020, the Headspace app was downloaded by 36.81 thousand in the App Store in Great Britain, according to Statista.
  • In June 2020, the Headspace app was downloaded by 2.08 million times and ranked #2 among the most popular yoga and meditation apps by downloads.
Infographic: The Most Popular Yoga and Meditation Apps | Statista

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Headspace?

As known as “the meditation app for modern life”, Headspace is one of the most popular mindfulness, sleep, and meditation apps. The Headspace app provides you courses  to learn techniques for dealing with stress and anxiety, relaxing sleep music, sleepcasts, meditations, and more. The free to download meditation app helps you to have short, mini meditations for your busy schedule in business life. 

What does Headspace do?

Headspace app is designed to help people relax and deal with stress and sleep disorders even if they have never meditated before and don’t know where to start. The popular meditation app also helps users to form a habit and to improve-self esteem with 10-minute meditation sessions. 

What differentiate Headspace app from the other meditation apps is its truly-scientific base and approach. The Headspace app has a science department that runs NIH and ERC-funded clinical trials, research and publish scientific studies that show the impact of Headspace app on outcomes such as stress, focus, and compassion. 

What is Headspace Plus?

Headspace Plus is the Headspace app’s paid subscription where users are offered more courses on specific topics like stress and sleep, one-off exercises, physical activities, Focus Mode, and more. 

Headspace Plus Pricing

Annual – first 2 weeks free: $69.99/year 

Monthly – first 1 week free: #12.99/month

What is Spotify Headspace?

The Spotify + Headspace bundle offers a 3-month free Headspace if you get a subscription to Spotify Premium. After 3 months, users will be charged a combined price of  £14.99 a month for both. 

The Spotify Headspace bundle is currently available in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom.

Spotify Headspace Bundle

What is ‘Headspace on Snapchat’?

Snapchat offers the Headspace Mini app that consists of six meditation sessions that are roughly six minutes long in different themes. 

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