App-Ads.txt , the version of ads.txt for mobile in-app and OTT advertising, is a text file that app developers can upload in order to list the ad vendors authorized to sell their ad inventory. Created by iAB, App-Ads.txt helps buyers to know who is authorized to sell and buy specific in-app ad inventory.

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    Newzoo: Metaverse players are younger than the average gamer

    Metaverse players are younger than other players, according to Newzoo’s survey among 5,521 gamers, based on the three biggest metaverse titles, Fortnite, Roblox, and Minecraft.  The study found that, with an average age of around 27, the metaverse players surveyed were visibly younger than the average player who doesn’t play any of these three metaverse […] More

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    Instagram launches a test of creator subscription in the US

    Mark Zuckerberg announced on Wednesday that Instagram has launched a test of subscriptions in the United States to help creators grow their recurring monthly income by giving subscribers access to exclusive content and benefits.   As part of the test, a handful of creators in the United States will be able to set a monthly price […] More

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    The Best Weather Apps for iPhone

    The standard weather application on iPhones cannot meet the expectations of most people, so users prefer to turn to more detailed and accurate weather apps that will meet their needs. So what is the best weather app for iPhone that you can download as an alternative? We have compiled the most preferred ones for you. […] More

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