Rewarded Video

Rewarded video is a mobile ad type where a user is rewarded if interacted with the ad. Rewarded video ads are used for app monetization. Most of the game ads use rewarded video ads to encourage users to watch video ads from start to end. 

Mobile game users prefer watching the video ads to deserve rewards like in-game coins or level achievement. Because users are willing to consume rewarded videos to get rewarded, eCPM rates and revenue generated from app monetization increases. To make the most out of rewarded videos, ad placements, rewards offered, and timing should  be planned carefully.

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    PUBG: New State surpasses 5 million pre-registrations within a week

    PUBG-maker Krafton shared an article announcing that pre-registrations for its upcoming title PUBG: New State surpassed 5 million within a week. The company announced PUBG: New State and Google Play pre-registrations for the free-to-play mobile title last week. However, App Store pre-orders will come later this year, the company said.  Also Read: PUBG Mobile Revenue […] More

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    EU officially approves Microsoft’s Bethesda acquisition

    In a statement shared at the end of last year, Microsoft announced that it has acquired Bethesda, one of the biggest game studios in the industry. Although Microsoft and Bethesda’s umbrella company, ZeniMax Media, had agreed for the acquisition, regulators had to check the competitiveness of the acquisition in order to complete official transactions, and […] More

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    Apple is under scrutiny in the UK over the App Store terms

    The UK’s Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has launched an investigation into Apple following complaints that its terms for app developers are unfair and anti-competitive.  “The CMA’s investigation will consider whether Apple has a dominant position in connection with the distribution of apps on Apple devices in the UK – and, if so, whether Apple […] More

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