App Metadata

Metadata is the collection of information about a mobile app that can be found on an app’s app store pages. Metadata elements include:

  • App description 

  • App title 

  • App Category

  • Developer & Publisher Name

  • App screenshots and preview video

  • App reviews

  • App rating

  • App ranking

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    The 6 Best Texting Apps for iPhone

    ​​Although texting apps are basically very similar to each other, they differ from each other in terms of security and the different conveniences they offer. Today, most of the users pay attention to the ease of use and widespread use, as well as the support for end-to-end encryption.  In this article, we’ve listed the best […] More

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    The 5 Best Apps for Couples

    Due to social isolation, many couples can only communicate with each other through messaging or video chat apps. Or many couples are in a long distance relationship. However, there are alternatives for those who want to have a more enjoyable time together on the internet. We have brought together the best mobile apps for couples […] More

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